Introducing HR RecordView, a total record storage and viewing solution for Human Resources professionals from the company that has helped organizations meet compliance requirements and control documents since 1988.

If you currently have the challenge of managing your HR documents and records and meeting all the security and compliance issues that goes with them, ICM Document Solutions with HR RecordView can help.

In addition to maximizing security from both a record storage and access standpoint, this solution will move you in the direction of a “paperless” HR department and all the benefits that go with that.

  • Store securely
  • Find quickly
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, on any device

Take a look at the short demo for more information.



GSA Pending

Arizona State Contracts:
ADSP014-070056 Document Imaging
ADSP012- 031581 Information Technology Professional Services
WSCA ADSP011- 007500 Software Value Added Reseller Product and Services

Mohave Contract:
14D-ICM-0603 Document Scanning, Management, and Destruction

ADSP011- 007500  Software Value Added Reseller Product and Services

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